Verbal Bank of India (VBI)

“Satya Dev Marte”

Verbal Bank of India (VBI)

H.O. : Hawala Circle, St. Kit’s Road, Nr. Bofors Vidyalaya, New Delhi-100 420

Branch Office : Tehelka Bhuvan, Kangaroo Chowk, Veer Ketan Marg, Ahmedabad -380 420

Satellite Phone : 420-420-420-420 Website : Email : [email protected]

First Time in the World

Our Motto :

Help You Buy Gold/Acquire Shares

Without Money – Free and Fearlessly!!

The Verbal Bank of India (VBI) is a Classic Cooperative Venture between leading banking institutions and courageous operators of the bullion and stock markets.

The Verbal, Free and Fearless Banking is the new generation banking introduced, first time in the world, by the VBI.

Our bank has proved to be a boon to gold merchants of Ahmedabad as our customers supply them gold at a rate lower than that of the leading banks. This is made possible by our high value clients with our unique support system. Big Bulls of leading stock markets are also given this exclusive facility.

We charge our ‘esteemed’ customers on the basis of money they make through our pay orders.

It’s time now to say ‘good bye’ to the outdated ‘paperless online’ banking.

Highlights of the Verbal Bank of India

· Make payments through our pay orders without having any balance in your A/c.
·  In certain deserving cases (preferably for share brokers) no need to even open an A/c.
·  We issue pay orders on verbal instructions of our clients.
·  No Guarantee/Accountability required.
·  Our pay orders are honoured by leading banks without questioning. Spot Clearance on Presentation.
·  Our High Value Pay Orders are processed slowly to facilitate their easy and sure encashment.
·  Pay orders of amounts less than Rs. 10 crore are generally discouraged and not issued.
·  Low bank charges (10% charged by the VBI & 10% by our partner banks which honour our pay orders)
·  ‘Pay as and when you earn’ policy adopted.
·  Complete secrecy of account holder assured.
·  Deposits up to Rs. 10 crore are fully guaranteed by RBI (Reverse Bank of India), our Guardian Bank.

Experience the Thrill of Verbal Banking

Now in Your City

No Paper – No Computer – No Fear – No Trouble

It’s Verbal

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Email : [email protected]

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