An Open Letter To Chairperson, Film Censor Board, Mumbai

The Film Censorship Guidance Bureau
To,                                                                                                                                                                                       Date : January 12, 1999
Ms. Asha Parekh
Central Board of Film Certification (Censor Board),
91, Bharat Bhuvan, Walkeshwar Road,
Fax : 022-3690083
Dear Madam,
Please note that in view of the growing incidents of controversies over the Censorship certification and protests related with depiction of increasing violence, sex, and indecent natural as well as unnatural relationships in films, we propose to set up FCGB in Ahmedabad. The purpose of FCGB shall be to pass on to you the constructive suggestions received, from time to time, from members of Public belonging to all walks of life.
We hope you will take these suggestions seriously and try to implement them for the betterment of the Indian Cinema and for preserving the rich heritage of the fast depleting Indian culture.
As part of our first set of suggestions, we hereby submit to you the following ideas that you may implement suitably to curb sex, violence and cultural onslaught being widely shown and practiced in our films.
The depiction of sex and violence should be regulated by imposing penalties and by giving rewards as under :
Penalties :
1.  Rs. 5000/- per gun shot; Rs. 10,000/- per hand grenade and Rs. 100,000/- per murder.
2.  Rs. 1000/- per second for simple fight scene and Rs. 2500/- per second, if fighting with arms.
3.  Rs. 10,000/- per second for rape scene and Rs. 2500/ per second for cabaret scene.
4.  Rs. 2500/- per second for scene showing liquor consumption, smoking or drug abuse.
5.  Rs. 50,000/- per kidnapping.
6.  Rs. 10,000/- for each vulgar word (such as Kutta-Kamina, Harami etc.) used. Rs. 5000/- for it’s every repeat.
7.  Rs. Rs. 100,000/- if hero’s lips touch the heroine’s body or vice versa.
8.  Impose an additional tax of Rs. 10/ per ticket if the total penalty on a particular film exceeds Rs. ten lacs.
Reward/Rebate :
1.   Rs. ten lacs subsidy to those films which do not attract any penalty as per above.
We are working out comprehensive model codes and penalty/reward schemes for songs and also for the variety of other contents shown in our films.
We hope you will find the above proposals useful and take suitable action based on our suggestions which are aimed at cleansing of the Indian Cinema.
Thanking You,
G. D. Jasuja
The Film Censorship Guidance Bureau (FCGB)
Address :
G. D. Jasuja, 66, Prerna Tirth Society, Satellite Road, Ahmedabad-380 015.
Phone : 079-6568153 Fax : 079-6464139

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