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Antarctic ice-sheet melting to lift sea level higher than thought, Harvard study says

Global sea level rise associated with the possible collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has been significantly underestimated in previous studie [...]

Poorer communities hardest hit by toxic pollution incidents

Toxic pollution hits poorer populations hardest as firms experience more pollutant releases and spend less money on waste management in areas with l [...]

Computer scientists discover new vulnerability affecting computers globally

In 2018, industry and academic researchers revealed a potentially devastating hardware flaw that made computers and other devices worldwide vulnerab [...]

Neural nets used to rethink material design

The microscopic structures and properties of materials are intimately linked, and customizing them is a challenge. Rice University engineers are det [...]

Branching worm with dividing internal organs growing in sea sponge

The marine worm Ramisyllis multicaudata, which lives within the internal canals of a sponge, is one of only two such species possessing a branching [...]

Piecing together the LanCL puzzle

Researchers from the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology in collaboration with scientists at Oxford University have published a paper in Cel [...]

Not just for finding planets: Exoplanet-hunter TESS telescope spots bright gamma-ray burst

NASA has a long tradition of unexpected discoveries, and the space program's TESS mission is no different. SMU astrophysicist and her team have disc [...]

Wildfire smoke trends worsening for Western US

From the Pacific Northwest to the Rocky Mountains, summers in the West are marked by wildfires and smoke. New research from the University of Utah t [...]

Engineering T cells to attack cancer broadly

Through T cell engineering, researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University Massey Cancer Center show that it's possible to arrest tumor growth for [...]

New view of species interactions offers clues to preserve threatened ecosystems

As the health of ecosystems in regions around the globe declines due to a variety of rising threats, scientists continue to seek clues to help preve [...]
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