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by GD Jasuja  January 9, 2011 8:39 pm

New Generation Banking

Verbal Bank of India (VBI)

H.O. : Hawala Circle, St. Kit's Road, Nr. Bofors Vidyalaya, New Delhi-100 420
Branch Office : Tehelka Bhuvan, Kangaroo Chowk, Veer Ketan Marg, Ahmedabad -380 420
Phone : 420-420-420-420 Website : Email : [email protected]

United Thugs of India (UTI)

(Under the Ministry of Thugs, Misgovernment of India)
“Building Nation through Thugs"
”Head Office : Hawala Circle, St. Kitts Road, Nr. Bofors Vidyalaya, New Delhi -110 420.
Branch Office : Sant Ketan Marg, Nr. Ram Bharose Institute of IT,
Madhavpura Ashram, Ahmedabad-380 420. Mobile : 420-420-420. Website :

Welcome to the Ministry of Onions

An Open Letter to

Chairperson, Film Censor Board, Mumbai

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