Colourtex Recipe for Process sequence for 100% Polyester Fibre (1.42 dn)


Process sequence for 100% Polyester Fibre (1.42 dn) from Colourtex
Pretreatment to remove oligomers from Polyester fibre.
Caustic Soda (O. W. F) 2%
Soda Ash (O. W. F.) 1% 
Temperature 1300C./30 mins. drain at 1300C after hot wash & acidification, (Acetic acid) carry out, cold wash. 
Dyeing Recipe :-
Coralene Dyestuffs   X %
Levocol WS (Disperseing Agent) 1 gpl
Levocol PB (Adjust pH 4.5) 1 gpl
Levocol DFT (Levelling Agent) 0.25 gpl
Disperse the Dyestuff in dispersing Water
Dispersing Water :-
Dissolve the dispersing agent in 5 time the qty of water as of dyestuff & Dissolve the Coralene dyestuff by slowly adding & stirring the dyestuff in water continuously.
Dyeing Cycle :-
60oC to 95oC – 3oC/min. 
95oC to 115oC – 1oC/min. 
115oC hold – 10 min.
115oC to 135oC – 10C/min. 
135oC. – hold time according to depth of shade. 
up to 115oC inside out & outside – in should  be kept 6 : 4 after 115oC only in – out flow to be continued until completion of dyeing. 
Drain the batch at 130oC then reduction clear with
Caustic Soda 2 gpl
Sodium Hydrosulphite 2 gpl
Levocol DFT (Levelling Agent) 0.25 gpl
at 80oC./30 mins.
After hot wash, reduction clear, repeated in case of Dark shades (Black & Blue) to ensure complete removal of superficial dyes.
After hot wash & acidification, the dyed fibre was treated with antistatic agent at 70oC. 
Dryed polyester fibre is sprayed with lubricating agent.
Above process may vary from customer to customer.
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