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Scant evidence that ‘wood overuse’ at Cahokia caused collapse

Whatever ultimately caused inhabitants to abandon Cahokia, it was not because they cut down too many trees, according to new research from Washingto [...]

Altering traumatic memories

Scientists could be a step closer to finding a way to reduce the impact of traumatic memories, according to a Texas A&M University study publish [...]

Curiosity rover explores stratigraphy of Gale crater

Gale Crater's central sedimentary mound (Aeolis Mons or, informally, Mount Sharp) is a 5.5-km-tall remnant of the infilling and erosion of this anci [...]

Sign-language exposure impacts infants as young as 5 months old

While it isn't surprising that infants and children love to look at people's movements and faces, recent research from Rochester Institute of Techno [...]
1 34 35 36354 / 354 POSTS