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Move over CRISPR, the Retrons are coming

Researchers have created a new gene editing tool called Retron Library Recombineering (RLR) that can generate up to millions of mutations simultaneo [...]

Light as a fairy tale: What makes a feel-good film feel good?

"Feel-good films" are usually dismissed by film critics as being sentimental and without intellectual merit. But their popularity with audiences, wh [...]

Important factor in the development of dendritic cells identified

The human immune system comprises functionally specialised cellular defence mechanisms that protect the body against disease. These include the dend [...]

Milestone for next-gen acceleration experiment

The future of particle acceleration has begun. Awake is a promising concept for a completely new method with which particles can be accelerated even [...]

Hippocampal maps predict context-dependent behavior

Successful navigation requires the ability to separate memories in a context-dependent manner. For example, to find lost keys, one must first rememb [...]

Fiber-optic ultrasonic imaging probe for future nanoscale disease diagnostics

Scientists at the University of Nottingham have developed an ultrasonic imaging system, which can be deployed on the tip of a hair-thin optical fibr [...]

Shortage of DNA building blocks in the cell releases mitochondrial DNA

Mitochondria are the energy suppliers of our body cells. These tiny cell components have their own genetic material, which triggers an inflammatory [...]

Brazilian Amazon released more carbon than it stored in 2010s

The Brazilian Amazon rainforest released more carbon than it stored over the last decade -- with degradation a bigger cause than deforestation -- ac [...]

‘Pokemonas’: Bacteria related to lung parasites discovered, named after Pokémon

'Pokemonas' live in round amoebae, similar to Pokémon, which are caught inside balls in the popular video game.  A research team at the University o [...]

Researchers analyzed circulating currents inside gold nanoparticles

Researchers in the Nanoscience Center of University of Jyvaskyla, in Finland and in the Guadalajara University in Mexico developed a method that all [...]
1 2 3 4 36 20 / 354 POSTS