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by ganari  January 7, 2011 3:59 am

Dr. Anandjiwala R., Business Area Manager, CSIR, South Africa

Bhatia Kailash, CEO-IMG, Pantaloon Retail (I) Ltd.

Jasuja G.D., IIMS, Ahmedabad

Dr. Mittal R.M., President (Technology & Strategy) Morarjee Goculdas Spg. & Wvg. Co. Ltd., Mumbai

Dr. Oza K.I., Textile Consultant, Ahmedabad

Prof. Patel M.R., Ex-Principal, Vishwakarma Govt. Engg. College, Ahmedabad 

Dr. Paul Roshan, Head, Research, Function & Care Dept., Hohenstein Institute, Germany

Dr. Rajan V.S., Technical Advisor, Filter Fabrics

Sadhu M.C., Textile Consultant, Ahmedabad

Dr. Saxena Y.K., Consultant, Industrial Environment

Somani Sampat, G.M.-Fibre Dyeing, Bhilwara Processors Ltd., Bhilwara

Dr. Shroff J.J., Advisor (R&D), Arvind Mills Ltd.


Mr. Amin K.D., Ex. Regional Manager, Colourtex Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad
Dr. Bhat Prabhakar, Head – Textile Dept., Shri Vaishnav Institute of Technology & Science, Indore.
Dr. Deo H.T., Ex Professor (Fibre Chemistry), U.D.C.T., Bombay.
Dr. Gandhi R.S., Ex-Director, MANTRA, SURAT
Mr. Garde A.R., Ex-Director, ATIRA
Mr. Jain K.C., Processing Manager, Bhilwara Suitings, Bhilwara
Mr. Lekhadia Atul, Managing Director, Kunal Organics Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. Patel B.B., Professor of Economics, Gandhi Labour Institute, Ahmedabad
Mr. Shah H.K., Financial Adviser, ANZ Exports (India), Ahmedabad


Mr. Ahmed H., Retd. Officer Incharge, Textile Committee, Govt. of India, Ministry of Textiles, Ahmedabad
Mr. Bhagat A.D., Textile Consultant, Ahmedabad
Mr. Dalal C.R., Technical Consultant, Ahmedabad
Mr. Gupta P.K., Director, Anant Polyesters Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad
Mr. Hardik Shah, Marketing Director, Embee Corporation, Ahmedabad
Dr. Jamdagni Rishi, Ex-Director, Technological Institute of Textiles (TIT), Bhiwani
Mr. Kapoor Ajay, Technical Manager, Reliance Textile Industries, Ahmedabad
Dr. Mahapatra N.N., President, Colorant Limited, Ahmedabad        
Mr. Mehta A.K., General Manager (Fabric Processing) Bhilwara Processors Ltd., Bhilwara
Mr. Patel Kiritkumar V., CEO, Raghuvir Synthetics Limited, Ahmedabad
Mr. Ramesh Shah, Director, Adman Forex & Services Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad
Mr. Sanghvi Lalit, Textile Processing Consultant, Ahmedabad
Mr. Shukla K.S., Textile Consultant, Ahmedabad
Mr. Shukla Pankaj, President (Marketing), Comet Chemicals, Ahmedabad
Mr. Thukral P.S., Design & Development Consultant (Thukral Consultex), Ahmedabad
Mr. Vasudva K.N., Textile Consultant, Modern Terry Towels, Ahmedabad
Mr. VC Patel, CEO, Perfect Laboratory, Ahmedabad
Mr. Vijay Dhar, GM (Processing), Ahmedabad Dyeing & Printing, Ahmedabad
Prof. (Dr.) Wasif A. I., Ex-Principal, D.K.T.E. Society's Textile & Engg. Institute, Ichalkarnji

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